Audition FAQs

Glee Club Auditions – Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the Glee Club?

While the Glee Club is primarily an undergraduate institution, anyone at Penn (including grad students and staff) who can commit to our schedule of rehearsals and performances is eligible to join. For musical reasons, the chorus is only open to male-identifying singers; however, people of all gender identities are valued members and are welcome to join the Club as accompanists, band members, or members of the technical staff.

What is the audition process like for the chorus?

We ask potential singers to sing 30 seconds of a song. The song should accurately reflect their style and range, although it is perfectly okay to perform something as simple as “Happy Birthday!” Also, we ask auditionees to sight-read music and do a tonal memory exercise. However, these two exercises are certainly not prerequisites for membership. There will also be a dance audition. To conclude, there will be a brief and casual interview to get to know auditionees better.

The President and Director of the Glee Club are in the audition room for all singing auditions.

What is the audition process like for instrumentalists (as accompanists and as Band members)?

We ask potential Glee Club instrumentalists to play 30 seconds of a song, which should accurately reflect their style and proficiency. Additionally, there will be a short interview to get to know the auditionee.

Band auditions will involve our Band Director, along with the President and Director.

Email our Band Director, Tomoki Tashiro, for more information!

What is it like to be a member of the Penn Glee Club Band?

The Penn Glee Club Band (PGCB) is crucial to maintaining the musical excellence of the Penn Glee Club, as well as creating friendships among our members. Truly, the PGCB has established itself as central to not only the Brotherhood but the performances of the Club, both as an accompaniment to production numbers and in its performances outside of Club events. In addition to the Club’s Fall and Spring Shows, the PGCB performs around campus and in the city, at events ranging from sorority formals and clubs to Spring Fling.

What is the interview process like for technical members?

Technical interviews will be led by our Technical Director, with the President and Director also in attendance.

We ask the potential tech member about their interest both in the Club and in the technical aspects of theater. As a Glee Club tech, one can work with sound, lights, set, costumes, and props as designers, as well as managing the chorus as stage management.

Additionally, the interviewee is also asked about previous experiences, although all that is required is a willingness to learn.

Email our Technical Director, Jess Lin, for more information!

What is it like to be a member of the Technical Staff?

Technical members are crucial to maintaining the Glee Club’s pillars of Performance, Brotherhood, and Tradition. By filling the roles of Technical Director, Lights Designer, Sound Designer, Stage Manager, Props Designers, Costumes Designer, and whatever other talents and interests they bring to the Club, the members who make up the Technical staff improve the chorus’ Performances, strengthens the Brotherhood, and carries on the Tradition of putting on one of the highest quality shows on campus.

How often does the Glee Club rehearse?

The rehearsal commitment for singers and accompanists in the Glee Club is similar to other Penn performing arts groups. We typically rehearse 6 hours a week: 2 hours on Sunday afternoon and 2 hours on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Band members rehearse roughly 6 hours a week. Technical members are not required to attend most chorus rehearsals (though are encouraged to!), but instead, have a more flexible time commitment to the group.

I am interested in performing with other groups, as well as with the Glee Club. Is this possible?

In short, yes! Many of our members are in various other performing groups at Penn, ranging from a capella groups to theatre groups to dance groups. Many Clubbers are also members of various other non-performing groups. While conflicts undoubtedly arise, the Glee Club is committed to working with each successful auditionee to make sure that their extracurricular experience at Penn exceeds their expectations.

If you have any more questions, feel free to email us!

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