Our Pillars


Since its first performance 159 years ago, the Penn Glee Club has distinguished itself as one of the finest collegiate choirs. During its earlier days, the Club shared the stage with organizations such as the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Boston Pops, as well as individuals such as Frank Sinatra, Martin Sheen, Bob Hope, and Grace Kelly. In 1969, the Club stepped out of the lines of formal choral performance to staged productions. This tradition continues today: each year, the Club performs an original Broadway-style musical. This makes the Club a triple threat with members capable of singing, acting, and dancing! No experience singing, dancing, or acting? Not a problem! Individuals are invited to join the Club based not only on talent but also on the potential to grow as well-rounded artists over the course of their time with the Glee Club.

What can you expect once you join? The Penn Glee Club performs numerous times each year with two major on-campus performances (once each semester), in addition to off-campus performances, such as performing the National Anthem for the Philadelphia Phillies or an annual road trip to New York City. We also go on a roughly two-week performance tour at the end of each year, touring both the United States and the world! This past year, we toured Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, and Tokyo!


The Glee Club strives to be more than just a performing group. With numerous social events, as well as one of the largest and most active alumni networks on campus, the Glee Club is a group with a lifetime membership. Many alumni keep in touch with their friends from their days in the Glee Club, holding reunions and coming back to campus each year.

Many Clubbers take classes with each other, as well as live with each other in both on-campus housing and in the Glee Club House off-campus. Many Clubbers often describe the members of the group as their extended family.


Despite being 159 years old, the Glee Club is no stranger to change. As the only Glee Club in the world that produces its own musicals, the Penn Glee Club has proven to be pioneers of collegiate glee clubs. The Club also has a very eclectic repertoire, highlighting the many different styles of music the Club performs.

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