Our Traditions

Over the course of the Penn Glee Club’s long history, many traditions have spawned, evolved, and flourished. While some have developed fairly recently, others are as old as the Glee Club itself. Here are some of the more famous traditions brought down through the years:

Songs & Musical Moments

The Toast – A Glee Club staple, “The Toast” is used to acknowledge anyone who merits recognition.
Grace – The Glee Club “Grace” is a secular prayer sung “spontaneously” by the Glee Clubbers to give thanks before group meals.
Afterglow – Written by former director Bruce Montgomery in 1964, “Afterglow” has become the unofficial anthem of the Club. Often sung at the conclusion of special Glee Club events, it is still hard for alumni and present Clubbers not to get emotional while singing this song.
We Love Our President – This song is sung whenever we want to remind our president how much we really love them. This song has been sung to countless Penn Presidents (including current President Amy Gutmann), as well as to other people who merit such distinction.

Customs & Events

The Third Act – Following the finale of our spring show, the Director invites alumni onto the stage to perform “Afterglow.”
Nicknames – Every spring, the Oldmen take on the task of nicknaming that year’s Newmen. By tradition, Oldmen are not to divulge the secrets behind each nickname.
Mentor-Mentee System – At the beginning of the year, each Newman is assigned a Mentor, a go-to resource whose purpose is to assist the Mentee and make their transition to the Glee Club and/or college life as easy as possible.
Athletic Events – Every September, alumni return to campus to play the current Club in a game of GCGC vs PGC softball. While a good time is had by all, no niceties are exchanged, as the winning team earns bragging rights until the next year’s game. Just before Commencement in May, the Glee Club takes on Mask & Wig in a softball game after an intense period of spring training. Like the alumni game in September, this game is taken very seriously, and winning is a point of great pride for both clubs.

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